Raseinių autobusų parkas


Shipments price

The parcels are accepted at Raseiniai bus station at least half an hour before the bus departs, then it reaches the addressee on the same day.

Siuntos priimamos nuo 8.00 val. iki 17.00 val. darbo dienomis.

The consignment must bear the name, address and telephone number of the addressee and the consignor. Proper packaging of the consignment is not necessary. We help to pack unpacked items. The volume of the parcel delivered is not important: from a few grams to 20-30 kilograms. The sender is responsible for the proper packaging of the shipment, its legal content and confirms its responsibility by signing the shipment receipt. The packaging shall protect the consignment against damage and shall not damage other parcels, vehicles, the environment or the human environment.

The shipment is left in the city to which it is sent at the parcel terminal and can be picked up by the recipient at his or her convenience. Upon receipt of the consignment, it is necessary to present an identity document.

The cost of the transfer depends on its size and distance. Consignments from Raseiniai station are sent to all Lithuanian cities, as well as abroad: Latvia, Estonia, main cities of England. Consignment to Minsk and Grodno - to be collected from the driver.